Global Macro

Equities. Bonds. Currencies. Commodities. Swaps.

Event Driven

Consolidations. Acquisitions. Recapitalizations. Liquidations.

Relative Value

Equity, Credit, Convertibles, Asset-backed, etc

Directional (Long/Short)

Equities. Sector-specific Funds. Index Options.

Quantitative Long-Short

Currencies and Equities.


FoFs. Multi-strategy. Leveraging.

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• Multi-asset class diversified approach (multiple betas). • Open mandate structure across asset classes and sectors (incl cross-asset thematics), with tractable exit options where applicable. • Research-based approach. • Alternative Data Unit (Quantamentals) • Long-term Oriented. • 3 years minimum capital lock-up period - 7% penalty for up to 25% of earlier money withdrawals, with 90 days notice. • Sophisticated Investors with minimum of $1m in investible assets (excl home equity) only: Non-public funds. • $300k minimum initial investment. • Detailed transparent quarterly reports for investors with signed NDAs (radical transparency) • Capital protection structures with robust high returns proprietary strategies and downward protection.  • +0.95% and +30% fee structure, including sliding fee schedule options (12% hw-mark, elevated sharpe ratios). • Hybrid fund structures. • Efficient hedging tools. • Smart beta multifactor strategies. • Skillful investment managers offering consistent alpha. • Four-person experienced team, including investing group founder (in addition to trader analysts). • TDG Internal Hedge Funds (>70% of AUM anchored): Manages the capital of its founder, qualified groupwide staff and selected subsidiary companies of The DCANS Group including in-house funds, endowments, pensions, family office allocations, patient capital, along with the capital of a limited number of outside investors. • Full due diligence, incl DDQs and CCs. • Jurisdiction - CI.


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